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Case study: Luxury Automotive Manufacturer

What makes one car model sell more than another?


Buyer analysis of car model showed an unexpected sales decrease among families with young children. Areas of weakness included: Features/Controls/Displays and Entertainment/Navigation Systems.


Powerpoint recommending that next year’s model should include more built-in entertainment options, to be marketed toward young families.

Insights-Driven Decision Making

Gain competitive advantage with the key insights you need to make best decisions 

Ask a business question
What are the biggest challenges facing your organization? Netvibes works with you to create a custom business intelligence solution tailored to your unique goals.

Learn insights
Netvibes automatically analyzes a wealth of data--from across the internet or inside your organization--to answer your questions using critical insights and real-time intelligence.

Enact Outcomes
Make the best decisions, based on data. You choose when and how you want insights to be delivered: via live dashboards, instant text alerts, weekly email reports, in-depth custom reports, automated actions and more. Netvibes delivers the insights you need, precisely when you need them, to drive your success. 



Everything in one place: news, social media, blogs and forums. Online content + enterprise data + connected devices. You choose the sources for noise-free results.



Business metrics in their social context. Everyone in your organization can ask questions of data, visualize trends, and drag-to-compare charts.



Your decision-making. Dashboard intelligence helps you make the right decisions, based on data. You can even program the dashboard to act for you, automatically.

What makes Netvibes unique?

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    Personal Corpus

    No more “black-box” analytics: With Netvibes, you choose the exact data and trusted sources that you want to monitor.
    Save time, cut out the noise, and focus on what matters to your business.

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    Experiment and learn from all your data. Import external files or connect third-party datasets to the Dashboard to analyze everything in one place.
    Drag-and-drop charts together to instantly compare anything.

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    Keep everyone informed with automated email reports sent to anyone, on any schedule, using the data and graphs you choose. Send a monthly report to your client, or share a weekly reading list with your team using unlimited PushMails.

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    Store your analytics and business history, without limit, for as long as you choose.
    Compare today’s data with last month or last year. Even if an article or tweet is later deleted, Netvibes retains the content so you can see exactly what was said.

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    Dashboard of Things

    Automate your business logic by programming the Dashboard to act for you, automatically, in response to data insights.
    Pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s), and when the conditions occur, your Dashboard magically obeys.

How real customers use Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence

Learn how the world’s leading enterprises and agencies use Netvibes. Read our case studies.
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Make the right decisions with an insights-driven approach

Understand the impact of every decision and discover new opportunities to drive your business forward. By capturing a wide variety of information from across the internet and analyzing data alongside internal company metrics, decision makers can uncover critical insights to help them succeed. 

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