Global CPG leader saves hours each week on digital monitoring with Netvibes Dashboards

"Netvibes' greatest benefit to our company is that we can monitor everything constantly.
Being able to compare our performance against competitors in real time adds great value to our company."

- Head of Digital Marketing, Dairy Product Brand

Executive Summary

Global food brand, Dairy Product Brand [real name undisclosed for privacy], uses Netvibes dashboards to track all digital conversations concerning the brand and related to topics across social networks, images, press and media. The dashboard continually analyzes content and sends instant alerts for important trends or brewing PR crises. Using the dashboard, Dairy Product Brand tracks competitors' metrics in order to compare performance and analyze its digital strategies. The brand also uses the intelligence of dashboard widgets to monitor its eCRM data and send automatic newsletters to keep the team informed.

As a result of using Netvibes, Dairy Product Brand has improved its marketing strategy and now saves one hour each day on digital monitoring.


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Global leaders in the food industry, like Dairy Product Brand in Europe, face the challenge of listening to diverse customer feedback, as well as optimizing marketing strategies across many different channels around the world. The brand sought a dashboarding solution that would allow the company to:

  • Listen to customer sentiment across all digital channels
  • Monitor brand reputation on news, blogs and forums
  • Identity key influencers in different geographies
  • Analyze key metrics, including their own indicators (e.g., web traffic)
  • Compare the brand's marketing and content strategy with competitors
  • Correlate sales and social media mentions to better understand social ROI




After evaluating numerous dashboards, Dairy Product Brand selected Netvibes for Enterprise for its ease of use, powerful digital media analytics and unique features, including the ability to connect any enterprise dataset.


Social Marketing Analysis & ROI

Chart from Elle & Vire Dashboard

Charts from Dairy Product Brand’s Netvibes Dashboard (with names anonymized)

In order to measure campaign effectiveness, Dairy Product Brand customized a Netvibes dashboard to track metrics for all its social media activity and fall outs of paid digital campaigns.

As part of one campaign, Dairy Product Brand's team live-tweeted and conversed with viewers during a popular culinary TV show. Netvibes enabled the company to automatically track the results of the campaign, as well as compare word-of-mouth performance for the brand versus competitors. As seen in the chart above, mentions of Dairy Product Brand spiked online each week during the TV show, far exceeding all other brands.


Identity new trends and influencers

The dashboard also enablesDairy Product Brand to identify online influencers responsible for triggering viral trends. This intelligence allows the marketing team to react quickly to take advantage of news cycles and the latest trends. As seen in this chart, Dairy Product Brand’s own Twitter account was the top influencer around the culinary TV show, demonstrating the effectiveness of their social campaign in guiding the online conversation and increasing brand awareness.


Monitor online reputation with real-time alerts

The Netvibes dashboard instantly alerts the Dairy Product Brand team in response to specific keywords or data trends, such as when negative sentiment on Twitter increases above a certain threshold. As a result, Dairy Product Brand is always the first to know when something happens and can react in real time. Using dashboard intelligence, the brand can strategize and act quickly to prevent brewing PR crises from spinning out control.



With Netvibes, Dairy Product Brand factualizes its digital activities and tracks metrics in real time across the Internet. Thanks to the dashboard’s simple, drag-to-compare analytics tools, Dairy Product Brand’s digital marketing team actively monitors KPIs for web traffic (connected live from Google Analytics) in relation to the brand’s marketing spending and activity.

As a result, the company can easily quantify the traffic generated by each campaign. The dashboard also enables Dairy Product Brand to identify the top sources of web traffic — an important insight that helps shape marketing strategy and allows the brand to focus on channels with the highest ROI.