Arengi analyzes client risk and governance using Netvibes Dashboards

Powered by Netvibes, Arengi's RiskVibes Dashboards analyze risk and governance trends to deliver real-time insights to clients.

Executive Summary

An independent consulting firm specializing in risk management and governance, Arengi uses Netvibes daily as a tool for analyzing news and data related to risk and governance. The Netvibes Dashboard has even been built directly into the consulting firm’s products and services. Arengi’s RiskVibes platform, which delivers real-time risk insights to clients, is powered by Netvibes technology.


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Clients depend on Arengi to deliver timely insights into important issues around risk and governance. Thus, Arengi’s business challenge is to continually monitor diverse sources of information from around the world and quickly identify insights relevant to customers. Arengi wanted to streamline the research process for its small team of expert consultants, maximizing efficiency while also ensuring that Arengi never misses a single risk or opportunity for its clients.

To maintain its expertise and stay on top of evolving trends, Arengi needed an all-in-one information watch capable of centralizing real-time data from various sources, including both internal datasets, as well as unstructured data and social commentary published online. Arengi also needed powerful data analytics to identify early-stage trends, as well as the ability to share insights immediately with clients. When Arengi asked its professional network for recommendations, several experts in the community praised Netvibes, which led Arengi to evaluate Netvibes Dashboards.



After considering multiple solutions, Arengi selected Netvibes Decision-Making Dashboards. Since 2010, Arengi has used Netvibes Dashboards to aggregate, analyze and act on a wide variety of data sources related to risk and governance, as well as publish that information for clients in a RiskVibes Dashboard, powered by Netvibes.

Arengi chose Netvibes because the Netvibes Dashboards meet our needs for a comprehensive analytics Dashboard with high configuration flexibility both in terms of content and structure,” said Gilles Proust, CEO of Arengi.

Netvibes allows us to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ — that is, to build and organize our own analytics screen, but also to share the Dashboard with our teams and visitors to our website. The Netvibes Dashboard delivers the real-time information we need to run our business and has significantly strengthened our brand image and reputation.

Dedicated to monitoring risk management and governance themes, the Netvibes Dashboard is available to Arengi’s website visitors, instantly informing them of the latest industry news and key events. The Dashboard brings together a wide variety of global information sources, including traditional sources for risk management, as well as newer sources online, including social media. The ability to track and analyze social conversations helps Arengi to identify emerging issues early, while Arengi’s consultants also analyze social data alongside other metrics as an integrated component of its overall risk management process.

The Netvibes Dashboard automatically categorizes content to help ensure the Dashboard shows the most essential information for clients. Arengi further customizes the Dashboard daily by manually tagging articles of specific importance. These articles, hand-picked by Arengi experts, are collected in a client newsletter that shares the “top news” of the month in risk and governance.

Netvibes has also allowed Arengi to diversify and complement its offerings. Because the Dashboard is fully customizable, Arengi now offers clients the ability to personalize analytics and alerts, ensuring the Dashboard monitors precisely the information that each company needs to manage risk and achieve governance compliance. With Netvibes, Arengi can also create widgets to filter results based on simple queries — a valuable feature that allows the consultancy to refine its intelligence and improve service quality. The Dashboard enables analysts to instantly see at a glance all the latest information relevant to a specific area of ​​expertise, to easily share that information with colleagues, and to flag items to that warrant special attention.



Arengi uses Netvibes Dashboards to successfully:

  • Monitor a wide variety of information, including both internal data and sources online
  • Analyze data to identify real-time trends and actionable insights
  • Deliver white-label, custom Dashboards that keep clients continually informed

Arengi’s partner delivers a Dashboard to all its members, powered by Netvibes

One of Arengi’s partners is a professional association that shares information about risk management with its members. To keep clients informed about the latest industry news and changes in risk management, this partner offers a Dashboard to all its members, delivered via Arengi Riskvibes and powered by Netvibes.

Moreover, Arengi in collaboration with Netvibes is exploring a new feature to go a step further in data analysis and intelligence building. Using Netvibes MisoData, Arengi and Netvibes are looking to give an opportunity to brands to import their own data, which will enable companies to analyze everything in one Dashboard. For example, included below are some demo use cases that could be adapted to clients’ reality for creating value into their Dashboard:

Reputational risk
To analyze overall risk to brand reputation, the brand can compare the number of complaints received daily by the organization (internal data) to the number of negative social media mentions (external data). 

Attraction risk
To understand how attractive the company is to potential job candidates, the brand can analyze the correlation between the number of job applications received (internal data) versus social media sentiment about the brand as an employer (external data).

Arengi uses MisoData to import their client own data