Investment bank BPI France analyzes tech trends and investment opportunities with Netvibes dashboard

By analyzing news articles and social media commentary by venture capitalists, BPI France identified the most popular and upward-trending topics in High Tech, discovering valuable insights to help inform the bank's investment decisions

Q: What are the hottest trends in Silicon Valley, and how do they compare to trends in France? Which technologies are gaining or losing momentum?
I: Analysis of Silicon Valley news articles and Venture Capitalists’ social media revealed the 8 fastest-growing technology trends: Automation & Robotics, Virtual Reality, Health, Financial Services, Gaming, Mobile, Transportation, Security, and Privacy. 
  • Topics more popular in Silicon Valley than in France included HRTech (human resources) and Security topics.
  • AdTech is far more popular in France than in the U.S
O: Dashboard intelligence helps BPI easily understand tech trends to drive better investment decisions. Key insights are collected into presentations shared at BPIFrance events, for knowledge-sharing and industry thought leadership.


Executive Summary

What are the hottest trends in Silicon Valley, and how do they compare to trends in France? Which technologies are gaining or losing momentum? To find out, Netvibes created a Premium Dashboard for French investment bank BPIFrance (Banque Publique d'Investissement, 60B euros in assets) to analyze the top trends discussed by venture capitalists (VCs) and the media, including both general news and tech press.

As a result of our research, we have discovered not only what topics are hot right now, but we can also give insights into how tech trends will behave within a communication channel and between countries, as well as identify which themes may develop in the future.


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Project 2: March 2017

For this project, the dashboard analyzed 17 top trending tech topics defined by BPIFrance and compared which were more popular in Silicon Valley/USA versus France.




The dashboard analyzes about 2 million news and high tech articles, as well as social media accounts of nearly 500 VCs on both sides of the Atlantic.Netvibes created a custom ontology with theme recognition in order to automatically classify and combine various technology trends into 17 major topics. For example: Chatbots, robots, deep learning and machine learning were all grouped together under the topic "Artificial Intelligence."

Netvibes tracked and compared the 17 topics' popularity over time between Silicon Valley and France, identifying the top trends in both locations and for all channels, including general news, tech news and VCs on social media.

Research Insights

All topics are interlinked. One innovation in one topic impacts all others. For example: Transportation shows a trend with "autonomous," which in turn impacts topics like Smart City, Drones, Big Data, AgTech, etc.

Major trade shows (CES, Mobile World Congress) impact topics differently, depending on maturity.

The most talkative topics (meaning 10+% of the overall content) were:

  • Mobile
  • BioTech
  • FinTech
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • HRTech (human resources) and Security topics are discussed much more often in Silicon Valley than in France.
  • AdTech is far more popular in France than in the U.S.
  • For the full findings, please watch the webinar video and read the presentation from BPI France's event.


Track evolving trends between mainstream news versus specialized tech press versus the VC social community in order to identify investment maturity cycles.

Perceive cultural reactions and appreciation between Silicon Valley/USA and France in order to foresee investment opportunities.

Understand innovation cross-impacts, as well as the large events calendar, to get more visibility and lower investment risks.



Project 1: September 2016

For this project, the Netvibes dashboard identified the top 8 technology trends in Silicon Valley and explored how the shift to the "Augmented Me" economy will impact society in the future.




The Dashboard collected over 1 million news articles exclusively coming out of the Silicon Valley and all focused on high tech, as well as social media posts from 250 top Venture Capital (VC) influencers in Silicon Valley. 

Analysts observed how high tech was categorized by major actors, such as Andreessen Horowitz, Gartner and Harvard Business Review and identified 21 tech topics. 

Netvibes created a specific ontology for those 21 topics to ensure accurate categorization and analytical insights.

The dashboard tracked and compared the topics' popularity over time between media versus VCs. 


Research Insights

  • The 21 topics were regrouped by how they relate to “me.” Analysts found the “Beyond Me” group to be the most active indicating that the current economy is transitioning to an “Augmented Me” economy.
  • 8 top topics were identified: Automation & Robotics, Virtual Reality, Health, Financial Services, Gaming, Mobile, Transportation, Security and Privacy
  • Clearly those 8 Top Topics impact everyone, which validates the theory of the 4th Industrial Revolution through the use of cyber-physical systems. The 4th Industrial Revolution is transforming entire systems of production, management and governance. Netvibes compared the impact of these Top Topics vs the theory of the 4th Industrial Revolution in order to predict what could come next.
  • As the world continues its transition into the new “Augmented Me” economy, there will be challenges, including disruption to labor markets caused by automation, as well as increased social tensions. However, the 4th Industrial Revolution also provides great opportunities by decreasing the costs of communication and transportation and opening new markets.
  • Overall, people are optimistic about the future and new technologies on the horizon, especially around hot topics like Virtual Reality, which 88% of youth say is “very cool.” 



Save time while analyzing more information - The Netvibes dashboard has made work easier for BPI France's financial analysts, continually keeping them informed of the latest technology and investment trends, while analyzing multiple types of information from across the internet.

Make better investment decisions with real-time intelligence - Because the dashboard is constantly aggregating and analyzing data, BPI France always has the latest insights to help drive smarter investments and better returns.



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