Exhibiting Tech Company Analyzes Events ROI with Netvibes Dashboards

By analyzing all event metrics in one place, ETC Inc. is able to maximize its Events ROI and improve business outcomes.

Q: How can we increase engagement among attendees and sponsors at our event?
I: Live Dashboard analyzes real-time social mentions to identify the top-trending topics among event attendees. The Dashboard also analyzes brand mentions of sponsors and exhibitors to measure audience reach.
O: Event sponsors and exhibitors were given access to the live Dashboard, delivering valuable insights in real-time that enabled companies to increase audience engagement. A post-event infographic summarizing key trends was shared, and an email report was automatically sent to all the participating companies to demonstrate ROI and encourage sponsorship of future events.


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Executive Summary

A high-tech company that exhibits at industry events, Enterprise Tech Company “ETC Inc.” [real name anonymized] has improved its Events strategy and analyzes ROI automatically using Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence. By measuring the most popular topics, both at ETC Inc.-hosted events and at industry conferences, the company is able to quickly identify and take advantage of opportunistic trends. Custom charts analyze topic sentiment and brand share of voice, allowing ETC’s team members to identify favorable topics and timely trends to use across the company’s owned media channels. 

By analyzing all events metrics in one place--including attendees, exhibitors, speakers, e-reputation metrics, social impact, owned vs. earned media, and real-time insights--ETC Inc. is able to maximize its ROI from events and improve business outcomes. 




ETC Inc. needed answers to the biggest questions it had around its Events Strategy. 


  • What are people saying about our event? Did our messaging resonate with our target audience?
  • What are the most-mentioned topics around this event? Which topics are growing fastest?
  • What is our ROI for this event?
  • Which industry events are our customers attending? 
  • Which brands are most discussed at industry events, and how have rankings changed over time? Why is Brand A suddenly on the rise?

ETC Inc. needed to know which industry events they should be targeting, as well as how the brand performed at those events versus competitors. The ETC marketing team needed a way to stay on top of rapidly evolving topic trends in order to design more engaging sessions at events, as well as to create more effective messaging and content to be distributed across the brand’s owned media channels. With hundreds of potential events to monitor, ETC was looking for quick and dependable answers. 




ETC set up a Netvibes Dashboard to aggregate and analyze a wide variety of information from online sources, alongside ETC’s internal metrics and other data they wish to monitor. 

For example, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the industry’s largest annual technology conference. To monitor this massive event, ETC designed a Netvibes Dashboard to analyze topics, products and brands being discussed at the show. ETC Inc.’s social media team was using brand hashtags to drive awareness and increase booth traffic, and the company wanted to monitor the success of the campaign. 
The CES Dashboard captured all mentions of ETC’s brand and hashtags, and compared the mentions across both ETC’s Owned channels vs. Earned Media in order to understand the true business impact of the campaigns. Through this analysis, ETC learned which hashtags had the most traction with the brand’s target audiences.

At ETC’s own branded events, a custom Dashboard analyzes keywords and sentiment in order to track which speakers and topics are the most popular among attendees. Sponsors and exhibitors also receive access to the live Dashboard, delivering real-time insights into what attendees are saying and ideas for how to increase visibility and engagement. Brand mentions of sponsoring and exhibiting companies are analyzed, with metrics being reported the companies during and after the event, thereby demonstrating the value of participating in ETC events and encouraging more future sponsorships. Following the event, ETC uses Dashboard insights around trending topics or popular speakers to create colorful infographics summarizing the event to be shared across social media channels.




By analyzing internal numbers and KPIs within the context of industry trends and social data, ETC gathers valuable intelligence into the performance of its campaigns and event ROI, using the metrics that matter most. By posting blogs and social commentary around topics and hashtags with timely relevance to an event, the marketing team is able to leverage social trends to reach new audiences, drive more booth traffic, and demonstrate increased ROI for its events. 

  • See the big picture in one view: Analyze all your events metrics in one place.
  • Identify top influencers and potential customers or partners.
  • Drive website and booth traffic by blogging about top trending topics at an event.
  • Analyze event ROI automatically using custom benchmarks and internal metrics.
  • Keep teams/sponsors/attendees informed with automated reports and real-time alerts.


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