LEWIS Communications drives media campaigns and automates client reporting with Netvibes Dashboards

“Netvibes is really powerful in helping us with everything from identifying news jacking opportunities to crisis alerts to the latest news around a brand or theme. Then we can effectively be on top of news for our clients. The immediacy of it really serves the agency and our clients.”

— Dean Russell, Digital Marketing Director at LEWIS Global Communications

Q: How can we generate better PR results for our clients, faster?
I: Analysis of media mentions for Client Z revealed that most of the articles placed by LEWIS (“Earned Media”) centered on the topic of “Big Data,” while many organic mentions were around the topic of “Business Analytics.” Using this insight, LEWIS began pitching reporters using the term “Business Analytics,” resulting in increased media coverage.
O: Custom, real-time alerts notify LEWIS employees about PR crises and breaking media opportunities, delivering first-mover advantage to help the company place more client stories. Email reports are automatically and regularly delivered to clients to keep them informed, saving team members hours each month that can be better spent generating results.


Executive Summary

LEWIS is the global agency for integrated campaigns with expertise in PR, video, marketing, digital, social media and content. LEWIS Global Communications uses Netvibes Dashboards to monitor news cycles, collect and report client results, and discover new media opportunities. LEWIS has automated its client reporting processes and now saves an hour each day on digital monitoring, freeing account managers to better spend that time achieving PR goals.


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The challenge we have, especially as a global agency, is to get news as quickly as possible without having to hunt it down. Being on top of the news agenda is key” said Dean Russell, Digital Marketing Director at LEWIS Global Communications.

With clients spanning the globe, LEWIS is tasked with staying on top of the news, 24/7, across many different geographies. Rather than waste time scouring different news sites to hunt down key information, the agency needed ive Dashboard to automate the processes of news monitoring, key alerts, and client reporting.



Today LEWIS uses customized Netvibes Dashboards to automatically monitor news cycles, track client mentions and seize PR opportunities as they happen. In one view LEWIS can see everything being discussed around a brand or topic, understand audience sentiment and tone, and measure campaign results. 

We can set up alerts for topics we need to track daily or for opportunities, such as individual journalists or influencers asking for quotes or customer testimonials via Twitter. Netvibes also gives us a sense of big trends. It’s brilliant at leading us to opportunities and to potential crises” – Dean Russell, Digital Marketing Director at LEWIS.


Personal Corpus

The Netvibes “Personal Corpus” allows LEWIS to select the exact sources they care about and trust – only relevant information, free from “noise” and false hits. Netvibes’ filtering mechanism saves the agency at least one hour daily on digital monitoring, freeing up valuable time. LEWIS can easily set up new Dashboards in minutes, without IT intervention, for new clients or to track news around any topic on the fly. 
The dashboard also enables LEWIS to focus on key reporters and influencers. LEWIS has identified 4,000 to 5,000 global influencers that help shape their clients’ industries and sectors. Using the dashboard, LEWIS can easily dig into social data and analyze influencer trends. For example, a live feed within the LEWIS master Dashboard tracks all BBC journalists on Twitter, all CNN news journalists and production staff, specialist bloggers, and other key influencers. As a result, LEWIS gets immediate alerts when a key reporter is working on a story of interest to a client. Using Boolean search terms or a simple keyword query, LEWIS can find articles and content on any topic in seconds. 



LEWIS uses the Opinions tool in Netvibes to share notes and insights between team members. For example, for one tech client, LEWIS adds an Opinion to every article that the agency has placed (“Earned Media”). Consequently, they can easily demonstrate results and ROI, as well as compare the media coverage they have earned versus competitors.
LEWIS also uses Opinions to classify articles according to topic, theme, sentiment, and which team member earned that coverage (among other variables). This data then appears in the results section of the LEWIS Dashboard, so the agency can then track critical metrics like share of voice, and also whether they are leading, following, or even creating the news agenda. The Dashboard also shows LEWIS which of the topics they’ve pitched are most successful, as well as the authors of particular story topics. The resulting wealth of knowledge has enabled LEWIS to secure major media wins and increase overall news coverage for clients.
The agency can easily visualize data using different types of charts and compare to understand correlations. This analysis provides the agency with a solid sense of how they focus their time and energy, which then helps guide account management decisions. Dean Russell at LEWIS says, “Netvibes is a quite powerful tool to have for clients and account teams, especially in reporting.”



LEWIS uses the Netvibes PushMail system to keep team members and clients automatically informed via email. Each morning, everyone in the agency receives an email sent by the Dashboard that details breaking news, latest trends and hot industry topics impacting the news agenda. LEWIS offices can subscribe to PushMails globally, focusing on news in their geography or industry, allowing them to stay ahead of the latest trends that could potentially impact their clients. Clients depend on LEWIS for its expert analysis of the 24/7 news cycle. For example, if a client wants to know who is talking about Topic X and how the public feels about the topic, the LEWIS team will immediately know the answer. 
LEWIS also uses PushMail to keep clients automatically informed of campaign results and important industry news. Depending on individual preferences, some clients receive weekly or monthly clip reports, while other companies like to receive an instant email about each article as it occurs. PushMail reports can be fully customized with charts, lists of articles, and any other content from the Netvibes dashboard.




  • Actionable Intelligence: The depth of understanding and immediacy of the Dashboard provides LEWIS with the real-time intelligence the agency needs to achieve outsized results for clients in an increasingly competitive media landscape.
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use analytics: With just a click, LEWIS team members can analyze multiple types of data and online content, from social media channels to news feeds to images and videos, and receive immediate answers to their questions.
  • Early detection and automatic alerts: LEWIS is instantly alerted to emerging trends that could lead to breakthrough media opportunities or a potentially brand-damaging PR crisis.
  • Time-saving automation: LEWIS keeps teams and clients informed automatically with PushMail email reports. The Dashboard also generates real-time alerts for LEWIS in response to news trends and crises. As a result of using the Dashboard, LEWIS saves one hour each day on digital monitoring.

  • 24-hour support: “Netvibes has a level of customer support that I’ve not seen in many other vendors. They’ve worked late in the evening to solve problems for me. I had an issue recently on a national holiday and they emailed me that day to find a solution” said Dean Russell, LEWIS Global Communications.