Only from Netvibes: Dashboard of Things
Set your business on AutoPilot throughout your organization

Netvibes is taking dashboarding to the next level by empowering you to take control and program your own Internet, including all your favorite content, your social activity and your smart devices.

Create your own Potions to manage interactions between apps, devices and events, automatically. It's the Dashboard of Every Thing.

Netvibes Potions: You pick the triggers and actions. Your Dashboard makes the magic happen.


Whether personal, professional or industrial, Netvibes Dashboards build your own Internet. Now with DoT, you can program your data, social networks and some devices to automate activity across your Internet. Welcome to your programmable Netvibes.


Potions do your bidding, like magic. You choose the triggers and actions, and your Dashboard obeys: e.g., If A or B triggers happen, then do X and Y actions; otherwise do Z. Programming for everyone.


Hack your own Potions. Anyone can instantly create a new Potion with Netvibes’ easy-to-use wizard. Technical users can switch to advanced mode to write their own Potions from scratch, using Netvibes Programming Language. Programmers’ heaven.

Example Potions you can create

Stock Monitoring

When your stock exceeds a set price, send yourself an email and tweet the stock price.

Health Tracking

When you weigh yourself on your Internet-connected smart scale, congratulate yourself on Twitter if your weigh is within your target range. Otherwise, email yourself to keep trying.

Reading list building

When articles or tweets mention your company, add them to your reading list on Pocket.

Weather Forecasting

When it's going to rain, text yourself to bring an umbrella.

Social Media Monitoring

When your best friend posts something on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, email it to yourself.

Plant Care

When your Parrot Flower Power detects low moisture in the soil, send a Pushbullet notification to "Water the Plants" and email yourself a reminder.

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