Agency Wizardry for Topics
Dashboard Intelligence for communication agencies and marketing teams

Create your own custom Dashboard in minutes. Track any topic to understand what’s being said, when, where and by whom. Identify key influencers, monitor audience sentiment and analyze topic trends over time. Collaborate with your team, share insights and email client reports automatically.

1. Choose the primary topic

Enter the primary topic (e.g., wearables) that you want the Dashboard to track. The Dashboard will show you where your topic is mentioned online and analyze what is being said, the audience sentiment, and more.

2. Enter comparative topics

Track one or more related topics. The Dashboard will analyze these comparative topics and compare the conversation with your primary topic. Stay on top of the latest buzz, explore emerging trends, and measure audience sentiment.

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3. Follow experts and influencers

Enter the names of key influencers on the topic (industry thought leaders, journalists, analysts, etc.) The Dashboard will analyze the content from these experts to keep you informed about trending topics. The Dashboard can also help you discover new subject matter experts and media contacts, as well as identify future brand ambassadors to grow your community.

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4. Select your industry corpus

Choose your industry, and Agency Wizardry will pre-populate your Dashboard with news feeds, social channels, and analytics relevant to your brand, curated by Netvibes’ team of experts. Easily add or remove your own sources to ensure the Dashboard tracks precisely what matters to your business, free from noise and irrelevant content. 

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