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The Team

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You need to listen, understand and adjust with the outside. That’s what Netvibes does: Insights-Driven Decision Making. Netvibes technology is comprised of three main elements.

  • Aggregation. A real-time web content aggregator,  
  • Analytics. A data-mining layer equipped with an array of graphical tools to conduct analysis,
  • Automation. A layer of automation capabilities that streamline reporting, and provide “condition or world event” based alerts useful for various purposes including the careful and strategic automation of publishing web content.

Netvibes makes it easy to gather content from the web that you care about, analyze it, and extract answers to your tough business questions. Reliable insights will support your organizations strategies. Then you can use Netvibes to implement digital tactics that are in line with your strategies.

Netvibes can then be used to measures campaign success. Fully customizable reporting and instant alerts will keep your team aware and able to conduct timely response to short and long term changes in the digital world around you including opportunities as well as threats.

Acquired by Dassault Systèmes in 2012, Netvibes continues to innovate in Dashboard Intelligence. Netvibes has offices in Paris, New York and San Francisco.


Netvibes dashboards have won international awards for technical innovation.