Health and beauty manufacturer uses Netvibes to research ingredients and create new products

Real-time market intelligence keeps Beauty Inc. at the forefront of innovation, designing new products using the latest ingredients and anti-ageing technologies

Q: What are the latest trends and innovations in Anti-Ageing?
I: Dashboard analysis identifies trending topics in health and beauty: the latest all-natural ingredients (apple stem cells, coffee and raspberries), mechanobiological techniques, and new innovations and discoveries such as second skin or cell regeneration.
O: Automated monthly reports monitor evolving trends and keep product developers and marketers apprised of new opportunities. Important anti-ageing discoveries are flagged for further investigation.


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Executive Summary

Health and Beauty Supply Company [“Beauty Inc.,” real company name anonymized] creates innovative products and ingredients for the health and beauty industries. The company uses Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence to research new active ingredients, identify market trends, monitor competitors and product launches, and share critical information to various internal teams. Beauty Inc. now has a constant view of everything happening in the industry, enabling workers across departments to work smarter, using real-time intelligence tailored to their roles.


The health and beauty industries are in constant flux. With new discoveries and technologies emerging daily, it is challenging for Beauty Inc. to stay on top of all the innovations that impact its business.
Previously Beauty Inc. was using time-consuming, manual methods of gathering information. This process was prone to overlooking key information, and relevant insights sometimes arrived too late for the company to take full advantage of market opportunities. 



Today Beauty Inc. uses custom Netvibes dashboards to monitor and analyze all aspects of its product-design process, from identifying promising new beauty ingredients, to understanding customer sentiment, to analyzing product performance. 
For example, one dashboard analyzes news and social media to discover new health and beauty ingredients for Beauty Inc. products. Because emerging research has indicated that hydrogen can be a more potent wrinkle-fighter than retinols, Beauty Inc. is studying hydrogen and may include the ingredient in future anti-ageing products. Beauty Inc. also uses a dashboard to analyze the role of different factors in the ageing process, comparing the effects of pollution, alcohol, tobacco, sun exposure and stress to better understand how to fight ageing. These insights help Beauty Inc.  to bring cutting-edge ingredients to market faster and continually improve its product formulations.
In particular, two unique features of Netvibes have aided Beauty Inc. in achieving its goals:

1. PushMail - Automatic email reports

Beauty Inc. uses a variety of PushMail reports to send targeted information to each department on a regular basis or immediately in response to custom alerts, enabling the company to react quickly to changing market conditions.

2. Opinions - Add labels and share insights on the Dashboard

Beauty Inc. employees can easily share insights and notes by adding custom Opinions to articles on the dashboard. For example, all articles tagged with the Opinion “Anti-Ageing Ingredients” can be automatically compiled into a weekly Friday email report to be sent to the product team.



Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence is now integrated throughout Beauty Inc.’s business processes, fostering collaboration across departments and delivering real-time insights to drive better, faster decisions. Beauty Inc. is using Netvibes dashboards to achieve multiple goals, including:

Content Aggregation

Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence has empowered Beauty Inc. to continuously monitor more than 1,600 sources and 57 tracked topics in one complete view. 

Custom, Automated Newsletters

Today Beauty Inc.’s old manual newsletters are a thing of the past. Using Netvibes to aggregate and filter data, Beauty Inc. produces 19 weekly newsletters that are topic-specific and delivered to various departments, some of them being sent to more than 600 users.

For example:

  • One newsletter monitors Beauty Inc.’s brand reputation versus competitors, delivering key insights for the executive team.
  • A marketing newsletter helps Beauty Inc.’s marketing department spot rising trends and understand what is being said about products, brands and new breakthroughs in the industry.
  • One of the most critical newsletters used by Beauty Inc. is a competitor newsletter which tracks competitor launches for new products and personal care ingredients.
  • Beauty Inc.’s Monthly Press Reviews are now made easy with automation powered by Netvibes dashboards. Beauty Inc. automatically creates a custom newsletter each month, using information that is conveniently compiled by the dashboard.




Market intelligence delivered by Netvibes helps Beauty Inc. to create cutting-edge health and beauty products, using the latest ingredients and technologies.  
Real-time insights into industries, customers and products
Increased collaboration and knowledge-sharing across departments
Stay ahead of new ingredient discoveries and emerging market trends


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