Global Financial firm analyzes investment opportunities with Netvibes market intelligence dashboards

Financial firm uses Netvibes to monitor market trends, companies and products in order to make better investment decisions. The dashboard saves time while enabling financial analysts to monitor a variety of information sources.

Q: How can we ensure that investors always have the information they need to make the best investment decisions?
I: The recall of California StartupX’s first product severely damaged the brand’s reputation. However, the second product release was widely popular and restored consumer confidence in the brand. At the same time, market intelligence showed that smart-home gadgets were one of the fastest-growing areas in consumer technology.
O: Live dashboards analyze data and trigger alerts for critical trends, providing analysts with the insights they need to make better investment decisions. As a result, Financial Firm invested in California Startup, resulting in a profitable return.


Executive Summary

A Global Financial Investment firm (real company name changed)uses Netvibes Dashboards to perform online research and capture actionable market intelligence, providing relevant insights to Portfolio Investment Managers to help them make informed investment decisions in any situation.


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“Investment Firm” needs to perform effective online research to make the most effective investment decisions in a variety of different markets. Before the firm invests in any brand or company, analysts want to know the answers to many different questions like: 

  • How is the brand perceived? 
  • Do customers like the product? 
  • Are mentions increasing or decreasing over time?
  • How much do people talk about this product compared to the competitor’s? 
  • Is the brand equally appealing to young populations? 
  • What are the key risk factors?



To help inform investment decisions, Investment Firm analysts use Netvibes to assess a corporate brand’s pre-product-launch buzz, to understand market expectations, to assess whether customers are ready to switch to the new product, and to analyze how the brand compares with competitors. Netvibes Dashboards enables the firm to analyze both internal and external data, comparing all relevant information in one place to understand how market forces impact business metrics. 
For example, Investment Firm wanted to analyze the investment opportunity presented by “California Startup” (name changed). The startup’s first product, a smart-home gadget, had previously been recalled due to bugs and poor performance--a result of rushing to market too fast. On social media, California Startup’s brand perception was in free-fall, and the company appeared at first glance to be a poor investment. To evaluate the risk, Investment Firm wanted to track how consumer perceptions of the startup would be impacted by the upcoming launch of its new product. Using Netvibes, analysts discovered that the new product launch significantly improved customer trust in California Startup, offering good news for future investment outlook. At the same time, market intelligence revealed that smart-home gadgets were one of the fastest-growing areas in consumer technology.  As a result, the firm invested in the California Startup funding round, ultimately resulting in a profitable return. 
Data-driven insights help Investment Firm analysts prepare feedback reports, providing the necessary intelligence for Portfolio Investment Managers to make sound investment decisions every time, across rapidly changing markets. Netvibes Dashboards automatically create periodic feedback reports for stakeholders, analyzing investment performance. 



Since using Netvibes Dashboards, Financial Investment Firm has saved valuable time while keeping analysts and investment managers continually informed about the latest market intelligence, delivering real-time analytical insights that drive better investment decisions.

  • Analyze a wide variety of information to gain a better understanding of market forces
  • Make better investment decisions and track performance over time
  • Save time and automate reporting to stakeholders


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