Financial firm analyzes investment opportunities with Netvibes market intelligence dashboards

Global firm uses Netvibes to monitor market trends, companies and products in order to make better investment decisions. The dashboard saves time while enabling financial analysts to monitor a variety of information sources.

Executive Summary

Global Financial Investment firm (GFI, real name changed for privacy) today uses Netvibes Dashboards to perform online research and capture actionable market intelligence, providing relevant insights to GFI’s Portfolio Investment Managers to help in making their investment decisions.


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For example, GFI analysts use Netvibes to assess the pre-launch buzz around a new product offering from a Corporate Brand, to understand the market’s expectations around this new offering, to determine whether customers are ready for a switch to the new product, and to analyze how the brand compares with competitors. These Dashboard insights help GFI analysts to prepare feedback reports that provide the necessary intelligence for Portfolio Investment Managers to make their investment decision related to a particular Corporate Brand. Netvibes Dashboards also enable GFI analysts to analyze online web data alongside other types of data to compare all relevant information in one place.

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As a result of using Netvibes Dashboards, GFI saves time while keeping analysts and investment managers continually informed about the latest market intelligence, delivering real-time analytical insights that drive better investment decisions.


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