Luxury Automotive Manufacturer analyzes car models and competitors with Netvibes Dashboards

Customer "Luxury Auto" uses Netvibes for a complete, all-in-one view of the brand's online presence, delivering real-time Dashboard Intelligence for competitive advantage.

Executive Summary

Netvibes dashboards are used by a well-known luxury automotive company, Luxury Auto [real name changed for privacy]. Luxury Auto uses Netvibes to monitor brand sentiment online, research new automotive technologies, analyze competitors, and collect customer feedback about existing car features.


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A team at Luxury Auto is tasked with researching new state-of-the-art technologies. They were looking for a way to gather automotive industry intelligence from across the Internet, including research reports, social media, videos, news, blogs and forums. They wanted to collect a wide variety of online and social data as a way of supplementing their traditional market research efforts, such as customer surveys.

To meet this objective, Luxury Auto required an advanced monitoring tool that would bring together diverse information from across the web, while filtering out noise and irrelevant content in order to allow the team to easily focus on specific areas of interest. Luxury Auto also needed a dashboard that would automatically gather and analyze the content while allowing workers to read, research and ask questions of the data.




After evaluating several solutions, Luxury Auto selected Netvibes as the ideal dashboarding tool to enable product development teams to stay on top of industry trends while researching new ideas for future innovations.

Two unique features make Netvibes perfectly suited to Luxury Auto’s use case:

Personal Corpus

 Only Netvibes allows users to custom pick the exact sources they want to monitor, free from noise and irrelevant content. As a result, Luxury Auto saves time and achieves insights faster by focusing on what matters in the dashboard. Using Universal Search, Luxury Auto can use more than 24 different filtering conditions to drill down and find precisely the information they need.


 Only Netvibes makes it simple to analyze and compare any dataset by simply dragging-and-dropping charts together on the dashboard. Thanks to Netvibes’ easy-to-use interface, employees at all levels at Luxury Auto have the tools they need to independently ask questions of the data and immediately gain valuable insights.

Automotive Dashboard

Auto Brands Analysis — Luxury Auto’s Netvibes dashboard compares brand mentions for Brand-B vs. Competitors

Today Luxury Auto is using 30+ Netvibes dashboards for a variety of different teams and purposes, with plans to scale to more dashboards and more users across the organization. The company is currently using Netvibes for four primary use cases:

1. Brand Health Overall Analysis

Netvibes’ automated analytics monitor the entire Luxury Auto brand and subsidiaries across the Internet, including audience sentiment, geographical analysis, brand comparison, and competitor analysis.

Brand mentions on Automotive Dashboard

Geo Analysis — This Dashboard tab analyzes brand mentions on Twitter across different geographies

2. Quality and Satisfaction Tracking

Luxury Auto analyzes what consumers and analysts are saying about cars and features by monitoring content from forums, blogs, automotive industry sources, and social networks. The online content collected by Netvibes supplements traditional data sources, such as consumer surveys and analyst reports, in order to give a more complete view of how Luxury Auto and its products are perceived. Team members can easily drill down into the data to focus on specific topics, such as: general issues, car performance, exterior lighting, braking, wind noise, and more.

As a result of this dashboard intelligence, Luxury Auto is able to identify issues and improve products faster. The team also gains inspiration for new features and enhancements, based on what real customers are saying in real time.

Tagged articles on Automotive Dashboard

Tagged Analysis — With Netvibes, users can tag articles with their own custom SmartTags. In this tab, we analyze *tagged articles only* in order to compare public perception of “Car 1” versus “Car 2”


3. New Car releases

When a new car model is released to the market, Luxury Auto analyzes online conversations to understand how the new product is received by customers, critics and the media. Luxury Auto can easily filter the data to focus on specific attributes, including performance, comfort, value for the money, driving experience, or any other variable.

New car model launch on Automotive Dashboard

New Car Launch — This tab monitors the launch of a new car model. The charts compare mentions and analyze sentiment for the new model versus the old model


Sentiment and mentions comparisons on Automotive Dashboard

General Analysis — In this tab, we compare mentions and sentiment for “Car 1” versus “Car 2” across all articles


4. Future planning

Luxury Auto’s product development team uses Netvibes as a research tool, helping the team to stay on top of trends while gleaning inspiration for new product features and future innovations. For example, Luxury Auto monitors the latest advancements in “green” technology to improve gas mileage and emissions. Through the Netvibes dashboard, they can see what customers are saying about new features in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and better design future iterations. For designers looking for visual inspiration, the Netvibes dashboard also collects automotive-related images and videos from across the Internet.

Read articles on Automotive Dashboard

Read articles on any topic — Netvibes makes it easy to search for articles on any topic. Here we see a list of articles about “Fuel Cells,” which enables Luxury Auto to read the latest research and stay on top of trends

Browse images on Automotive Dashboard

Browse images for inspiration — Netvibes Dashboards can display information in many different ways. Here, we see all the latest articles from Evo Magazine that also include an image




By using Netvibes, Luxury Auto benefits from the ability to analyze more types of information faster. As a result of dashboard intelligence, Luxury Auto achieves:

  • Complete overview of the brand online, with trends visualized in charts and graphs
  • Understanding of real customer needs and feedback
  • Competitive advantage over other automotive companies
  • Marketing intelligence to better target new customers
  • Innovation and new features inspired by a variety of different sources
  • Better products and happier customers


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