Security company tracks real-time threats and industry news with Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence

From a central dashboard, Security Inc. monitors all pertinent security news---including social media and other online sources, along with internal research and proprietary data---to deliver instant security alerts to customers.

Q: How can school staff members receive instant alerts when security threats are nearby?
I: Using Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence, Security Inc. identifies critical threats, such as when a local police bulletin announces a manhunt in the area. The dashboard also analyzes trends over time: for example, school protests have risen 300% since October 2016, and late-night vandalism is on the rise at area schools.
O: Live dashboards deliver continuous, real-time insights into security issues. Instant crisis alerts are automatically sent to school staff via text in the event of urgent security threats. Periodic email reports are distributed on an automated schedule in order to report on growing threat trends and to share new security issues and best practices.


Executive Summary

Netvibes Dashboards are used by a leader in the physical security information management space. The company, “Security Inc.” [real name anonymized] uses Netvibes to monitor physical threats, analyze its brand presence online, and research the latest security trends and industry news. With the timely insights delivered by Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence, Security Inc. stays at the forefront of security technology and keeps clients secure and informed in real time about relevant threats.


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The growth of social media and other unstructured data online provides a wealth of new information sources for security companies to research and detect threats. The physical security information market is growing quickly, but currently there are still few organizations that track social activity as part of their overall threat monitoring. In today’s always-on social internet, collecting and analyzing social content and activity is essential to addressing potential threats. 



Today Security Inc. uses Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence to continuously analyze data, quickly identify threats and automatically send alerts to clients, such as high schools. Several Netvibes features uniquely enable Security Inc.’s use case: Geolocation, Personal Corpus, Opinions, PushMail and Potions.


Using Netvibes’ Geolocation search facet, researchers can instantly visualize on a map where news is happening or where conversations are taking place. With greater insight into where threats are present, Security Inc. can better serve its clients and protect a wide variety of venues and events in different locales.
Security concerns for each physical location varies, but with Netvibes, Security Inc. can create a comprehensive query to capture all potential threats that mention a city, neighbourhoods, or specific events and venues. 

A Geolocation app from Security Inc.’s Netvibes Dashboard, showing the location of potential threats
In this example, we are looking at potential threats in Los Angeles and surrounding communities, including mentions of robbery, homicide, theft, protests, etc. Users of the Dashboard can track trends and immediately read relevant articles mentioning each of the different towns within Los Angeles in order to understand what is happening. 
The team can even use Netvibes’ automatic categorization and sentiment-analysis features to differentiate between Bomb, Fight and Gun threats.

Personal Corpus

Only Netvibes allows users to pick the exact sources they want the Dashboard to monitor: we call it the Personal Corpus.
In order to efficiently monitor security threats to clients, Security Inc.’s dashboard listens to a custom Library of sources, ensuring that only relevant content is being analyzed. As a result, Security Inc. saves time and achieves insights faster by focusing on precisely the information that matters to their clients. 

For threat monitoring, Security Inc.’s Dashboard automatically pulls in information about Los Angeles, Orange County and local communities from social networks, community blogs, national press, videos and other online sources.


Security Inc.’s team uses Netvibes Opinions to collaborate company-wide on the Dashboard. When an analyst spots an important trend and identifies the cause, she can write a note or add an Opinion on the Dashboard to instantly share her insights with colleagues. For example, when threatening keywords spiked on social media pertaining to a school, analysts realized that the school was running a drill and instantly shared the insight with colleagues, thus preventing a false alarm.


The company uses Netvibes Pushmail to automatically send periodic updates to clients and teams. Pushmails are fully customizable to include the exact articles, charts, and insights that Security Inc. wants to share with different audiences. Here is an example Pushmail from 2016 that monitored security threats around a high school:


Security Inc. responds immediately to threats by using custom Netvibes Potions that had been programmed to automatically react to specific threats and data trends. Here are a few example Potions that Security Inc. has created: 

  • When an item is tagged as “Urgent threat” on the dashboard, immediately send a text to the client. For example, when a police bulletin announces a local criminal manhunt, text all school staff in the area.
  • When a new security topic is gaining traction, add the topic to our weekly client newsletter. For example, late-night vandalism is on the rise at area schools. 
  • When crime mentions are peaking in a certain area, send an email to the client. For instance, school protests have risen 300% since October 2016.



Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence keeps Security Inc. and its clients continuously informed about security threats. The dashboards have streamlined internal processes and empowered Security Inc. to:

  • Automatically gather and analyze a wealth of new information from across the internet and social media in order to better detect and understand threats
  • Quickly identify potential threats and visualize the data in a variety of ways, including geolocation mapping
  • Inform team members and clients about real-time threats using automated alerts and custom Pushmail newsletters
  • Foster closer collaboration and drive effective communication across the company
  • Gain competitive advantage over other physical security information management companies in the industry