Global CPG Company keeps informed of legislative and regulatory changes with Netvibes Dashboards

CPG customer uses Netvibes Dashboards to monitor regulatory changes and proposed legislation that can impact its business in a highly regulated industry.

Executive Summary

A global consumer packaged goods (CPG) company in a highly regulated industry (tobacco and alcohol) uses Netvibes Dashboards to stay abreast of all regulatory changes and proposed legislation that can impact its business. As a result of using Netvibes, the company is able to easily keep tabs on the entire industry and ensure its products and processes comply with all legal regulations, while also leveraging customer data to better serve diverse markets worldwide.


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“Tobacco Inc.” [company’s real name changed] is a large, global manufacturer of consumer goods, including tobacco and alcohol products. With many subsidiary brands across different verticals, Tobacco Inc. collects a wide variety of data related to customers, global markets, industry research, news and social media. The company needed a powerful, yet easy-to-use Dashboarding solution that would capture disparate data sources while empowering workers at all levels to analyze the information for actionable intelligence.

Because the company operates within several highly regulated industries, Tobacco Inc. faces the formidable challenge of staying informed about new laws and regulations that may impact its business across different countries and states. Staying on top of proposed regulatory changes is critical so that the company can both influence lawmakers and achieve compliance in an ever-changing environment.

Due to inefficient monitoring processes, the company was often overlooking critical pieces of proposed legislation. The rudimentary filtering and limited search capabilities of legacy solutions overwhelmed Tobacco Inc.’s researchers with a flood of insignificant or unrelated content, forcing employees to spend valuable time sifting through massive amounts of data looking for needles in the haystack. In addition, the team’s lack of collaborative tools meant that sharing any key findings with the extended organization was a manual process prone to errors and often resulting in lost information.

Given the diverse nature of Tobacco Inc.’s many products, the company needed a system of targeted Dashboards that would coalesce pertinent information for various divisions and product teams. In addition, they required a flexible solution which could easily adapt to new regulations throughout the many global markets where the company’s products are sold.

Tobacco Inc. Dashboard

The Netvibes Dashboard provides an all-in-one view so that Tobacco Inc. researchers can see what is being said in the industry.




After evaluating a variety of products, Tobacco Inc. selected Netvibes Dashboards for the ability to fine-tune search results and quickly home in on specific topics. With the Personal Corpus, available only from Netvibes, Tobacco Inc.’s researchers are able to custom-pick the sources they want to analyze, thereby cutting out noise, focusing on what matters, and achieving faster data insights. With advanced filters set up to detect only the conversations relevant to their specific focus area, workers are now able to save time while detecting trends they otherwise would have missed.

With the monitoring elements of the Netvibes Dashboard in place, Tobacco Inc. was then able to formalize processes for sharing content across the organization. Today, when key pieces of new information are discovered, Tobacco Inc.’s researchers are able to quickly classify the content based on geography, the type of regulation, the products impacted and other variables. Netvibes automatically recognizes and tags content with pre-set labels, and users can also add their own opinions through SmartTagging. Once categorized, information is instantly routed to all the appropriate teams across Tobacco Inc.

As a byproduct of this classification and tagging process, Tobacco Inc. has also designed custom email “Regulatory Digests” to keep all employees informed of critical information impacting the industry. Using Netvibes PushMail, Tobacco Inc. sends automated, custom email reports, containing just the information and charts they want to share.

Using Netvibes MisoData, Tobacco Inc. has connected its own metrics to the Dashboard in order to compare and analyze everything in one place. Using bespoke charts and analytics, the company now monitors diverse data sources to gain actionable insights into the industry and overall environment. Researchers at Tobacco Inc. are able to identify seasonal and topical trends in real time, which allows them to strategically respond by getting out in front of potential issues and assigning resources for proper action. In addition, analytics provides Tobacco Inc. with baselines of performance which allows them to measure ROI and compare results over time.




As a result of deploying Netvibes Dashboards across the organization, Tobacco Inc. is able to efficiently monitor trends, keep tabs on the industry, and ensure that its products and processes meet all local regulations wherever they are sold.

  • Easily monitor diverse sources of information worldwide
  • Keep the team informed with automatic reports
  • Use data to predict future opportunities and business challenges
  • Analyze customer sentiment to improve and design new products


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