A Market Research and Information Group was curious about the perceived value of connected cars and autonomous vehicles

Early 2017, Research Inc. [real company name anonymized]  - a world leader in market research, market information and business analysis was curious about user adoption hurdles of autonomous vehicles.

Q: While Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles are trending topics, why is there a disconnect with our customers?


Let's discover the Consumers Insights we found


  • On a global scale, discussions on autonomous vehicles and connected cars are not equally distributed. Discussions are mostly concentrated in North America.
  • Low consumer engagement is an obstacle. Mentions on social media are from industry giants rather than consumers.
  • Forty percent of the car dealerships fail to demonstrate the 'connected' features to potential buyers with their pitch.
  • Only a minority of car owners are aware of the 'connected' service in their vehicles.
  • Concept and brand recognition overshadows benefits and value recognition.


Research Inc. and the Netvibes Omnibus Insights teams structured strategies that can be incorporated into the business plan to make Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles more relatable.

  • Strategize how brand loyalty can be used to drive the sales of Connected Cars.
  • Design a pitch to deliver the optimal customer experience in the Connected Car.
  • Develop a commentary addressing the concerns (perceived value, privacy concerns) of doubters and rejecters.
  • Deploy marketing campaigns to increase the overall awareness of Autonomous Vehicles



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In this case, we identified certain challenges that are hindering the spread of Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles after aggregating information, analyzing data and filtering through the noise.

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