Only from Netvibes: MisoData
The powerful data analytics app

Netvibes unlocks the value of your data by breaking down separate data silos and empowering you to analyze everything in one place.
Only Netvibes offers MisoData so you can connect any dataset to your Dashboard, including external files and cloud-based data such as web traffic.
Customizable charts allow you to identify trends and visualize ROI. Drag-and-drop charts together to compare datasets and find correlations.

Ask questions of your data

How is my brand perceived across different media channels?

Do Twitter retweets correlate with our website traffic?

How much did our latest advertising campaign boost sales?

Compare and understand everything

Simply drag-and-drop datasets together to create instant comparison charts. Visualize ROI for every campaign.

Empower your team

Unite all your enterprise knowledge in one Dashboard. Workers at all levels can ask questions, explore data and discover key insights.

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