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Since our founding in 2005, Netvibes' vision is to help businesses and people listen, learn and act on everything that matters to them online.

By aggregating all relevant content into one dashboard and analyzing it with easy-to-use tools, users gain the real-time insights they need to make better decisions, based on data. Users can also program the dashboard to act automatically in response to events and data triggers, driving immediate response 24/7/365. Learn what makes Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence unique.

Only Netvibes offers:

1. The Personal Corpus: Define your own Internet perimeter 

The Internet keeps getting bigger, and most of it is just noise. No company can capture it all. Most monitoring tools try unsuccessfully to “boil the ocean,” returning incomplete results cluttered with noise and false hits. 

Only Netvibes enables you to define your own personal corpus, selecting the sources and publications that matter to you. Easily add or remove sources as you go. Achieve better insights in less time by muting the noise and focusing precisely on the conversations that matter.

2. MisoData™: Visualize and compare any data, instantly 

More than a monitoring tool, Netvibes empowers users to act by independently exploring data, asking questions and discovering key insights. We call it Dashboard Intelligence. 

Only Netvibes’ MisoData makes it easy to analyze any data with just a few clicks. Simply drag-and-drop datasets to create instant comparison charts. Identify trends at a glance with colorful visualizations. Use MisoData to analyze anything on your dashboard, or import your own data from the web or an external file. Demonstrate ROI for any campaign, using the metrics you choose. Discover how Twitter mentions correlate with your website traffic, or how Facebook posts correlate with your sales numbers. Get instant answers to these questions and more with MisoData.

3. PushMail™: Continuous monitoring, even while away from your dashboard 

With Netvibes, you’ll always be the first to know when something happens. You define the triggers, and our real-time alerts will email you as soon as it happens. 

Only Netvibes offers a complete, automated publishing platform, called PushMail, so you can schedule automatic email reports. Want to send a monthly report to your clients and a weekly report to your team? PushMails are 100% customizable: you choose the content, distribution, layout and design, and Netvibes does the rest.

4. AutoSave: Retain your complete business history

In today's social world where your brand can be mentioned in thousands of tweets, blogs, articles and videos each day, you need unlimited access so you can understand what's really being said.

Only Netvibes allows you to store all your dashboard content, without limit, for as long as you choose. Read and analyze back in time: compare today's data with last month or last year. Even if an article or tweet is deleted online, Netvibes stores the data so can analyze it in the future, just as it appeared today.

5. Potions: Program the dashboard to act for you, automatically

Automate your business logic by programming the dashboard to act for you, in response to events or data triggers. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place, and your custom "Potion" makes the magic happen. You can automate campaigns, publish responses on social media, control IoT-connected devices and more.
For example: If my brand falls out of the top 10 most-mentioned Wearables brands, then send an email to the executive team and schedule a meeting to discuss.


Netvibes Dashboards: For Agencies, Enterprises and Consumers

For digital, marketing and PR agencies, Netvibes for Teams offers custom social dashboards to track up-to-the-minute results, prove ROI for any campaign, automate reporting, and deliver faster insights to clients. 

For enterprises, Netvibes for Enterprise connects virtually all internal systems plus the social web together on a secure, real-time dashboard intelligence portal that’s accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. With MisoData, users can drag-and-drop to instantly compare any data, discovering trends and calculating ROI on anything. 

For consumers, provides the most awarded dashboard engine that helps millions of people around the world read their favorite RSS feeds and blogs, monitor social media and control automatic interactions between apps and smart devices in the Internet of Things.

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